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Next day not fast enough?

Insta-Bond now provides same day electronic registration and bonding in Florida guaranteed.

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Guaranteed service

Complete orders received by 5pm EST are guaranteed next business day delivery or we'll pay any late fees.

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Annuities for sweepstakes winners

We can help you acquire annuities for sweepstakes winners.

What our Clients Say

Insta-Bond proudly serves the sales promotion registration and surety bond needs of almost 200 of the leading promotion agencies, fulfillment houses and industry law firms. There is no charge to Become a Client. If you would like client references or testimonials from satisfied users, please contact us at [email protected] or call (781) 994-6177.

In a Insta-Bond client survey, 55 of our top Client users said:

1.  Insta-Bond saves promotion administrators valuable time and money!
  • 29% said they saved an average of over 3 hours per promotion
  • 45% said they saved and average of 2-3 hours per promotions
  • 22% said they saved and average of at least 1 hour per promotion
  • 2.  With Insta-Bond, you can bond and register last minute promotions substantially faster than the "old way"!
  • 44% said they registered promotions over 5 days faster than the "old way"
  • 25% said they registered promotions 3-5 days faster
  • 16% said they registered promotions in at least 2 days faster
  • 3.  96% of the users rated Insta-Bond's online services as simple, easy and saves time!
    4.  100% of the users rated Insta-Bond's client service as timely, professional and helpful and said they were 100% satisfied with their relationship with Insta-Bond!

    Need more information or client references?

    Contact [email protected] or call (781) 994-6177.